Rivendell Recovery Center in White Post, VA

Rivendell is where lifelong recovery for the addict and alcoholic begins.

Addicts and Alcoholics in Long Term Recovery showing your loved one how to get started and stay on the road to an exciting, clean, and sober life. 

We do recover

There is a solution

I can not say enough about Rivendell. Everyone there is so devoted to each and every person that walks through the door for help! They saved my Son’s life and I will be forever grateful.

Tara W

Challenging the Status Quo in Alcohol and Addiction Recovery

Rivendell is a home and a program designed to help men and women suffering the disease of addiction and alcoholism. We are a 12 step based program run by people who have successfully overcome addiction. By sharing our experience strength and hope and showing them by our example. Life is not over but just beginning.

How Rivendell Recovery Center is Different

Rivendell is bigger than most recovery centers around, however we have no more than 10 clients here at a time. This allows us to get to know our clients individually. 

We are a year long micro recovery system, 90 day live in program with 60 day transition, followed by 7 months of bi-weekly check ins. A 12-step based program, working a step a month in writing. 

Most everyone that works here, lives here, and is in long term recovery. We really get to know our clients. We quickly learn their tricks and core issues, (the way they keep people at bay) in their lives and then we can begin to address their negative behaviors.

Here at Rivendell we are committed to showing that being clean can be fun and exciting. Life is not over but just beginning. (Our secret weapon)

Rivendell builds long term relationships. This comes from sharing our hopes and dreams, working together, and building a recovery community. 

Network Enrollment

We immerse our clients into a network of like minded people with long term recovery that are committed to supporting and helping them.

Addiction and Alcoholism “are but symptoms of underlying causes and conditions.” We have to get to the core issues and the steps do that. We complete a step every 30 days, 12 steps in 12 months. 

Sponsorship Requirement.  At the core of our issues is the inability to form lasting relationships. The Sponsor begins teaching our clients trust and how to share their heart. 

People in recovery who work a 12 step program lead rich and full lives. This is the only modality that truly fosters long term success. 

Our director has over 52 of sobriety and has worked extensively in the recovery community. In addition our center is staffed with only people in long term recovery. 

This is a long term problem and needs a long term solution

Our 1 Year Three Phase Program

The first 90 days

are live-in and the client is never alone. They will attend one to two group and 12 step meetings a day. They work the 12 steps with us in writing, getting to the core of their issue. Lots of one on one. Alcohol and drug screenings regularly.

The next 60 days

are transitional. The client works part-time and lives outside of Rivendell in a safe sober living environment with like minded individuals in long term recovery. They return a minimum of three times a week and are given a transition plan. The transition period and plan can change to accommodate each individual’s highest good.

The next 7 months

the client returns to Rivendell on a regular basis to continue step work, attend house meetings, and help the newer members. We follow them in their recovery closely. Our work is considered done when we celebrate their first-year anniversary with them. After their anniversary they not only become alumni but we consider them family and welcome them back any time for groups, to visit, or to help the newer members.

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Stories of Hope and Recovery at Rivendell

...Since leaving Rivendell I have maintained my sobriety, and will have 5 years sober on August 7th, 2022...

One way to describe my life before Rivendell was lost. I had nothing and I had no one. I scrapped to get by everyday. My only thoughts were about the next fix. No amount of drugs or alcohol could fill the void I had in my soul. I had alienated anyone who ever cared about me. If you stood in my way or had something I wanted I was coming for you. Through emotional or physical threats and intimidation I got what I needed. Then came Hugh McGee and Rivendell Recovery Center.

I was living out of hotels in Baltimore and called my mother for one last helping hand to try to get sober. Mom had met Hughie years ago and said Rivendell was the only place she would take me. I was driven to Rivendell and dropped on their doorstep.

About our Center

We're located in White Post Virginia

Rivendell Recovery Center is a beautiful estate, on 13 acres of beautiful wooded land, nestled back away from the roads to offer a serene recovery environment. We have many fun activities, including an inground pool, patios, porches, and trails for you to walk on and enjoy during your time in our program. 

We’re more than a recovery center, we’re a safe place where you come to leave the storms of alcohol and addiction. The name of our home is Rivendell, sometimes referred to the last house on the block. 

Want to reach out, but aren’t ready to pick up the phone? Send us a private message below. 

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