Rivendell is a home and a program designed to help men and women suffering the disease of addiction and alcoholism. We are a 12-step based program run by people who have successfully overcome addiction. By sharing our experiences strength and hope and showing them by our example.

Life is not over but just beginning

How our Recovery Center is Different

We do more than just tell addicts and alcoholics how to live a life without the use of drugs and alcohol. We show them. We show them how to build a life worth living. We show them how we manage to stay sober and clean in good times and in bad. We can do that because we are in recovery ourselves. Some of us live here 24/7 which means our clients get to see first-hand that this program works in “the real world.”

The message is clear. Life is far from over, it’s just beginning. We don’t escape from life, we embrace all of it: betrayals, victories, dashed hopes, and unexpected miracles. And through it all, we even manage to have fun, to find Saturday Night and laugh like never before.

We do recover. There is a solution.

Whether this is your first time in recovery or your 11th time, you’ll notice one thing, Rivendell is different.

Addicts survive on instinct and are not likely to “take your word for it.” We don’t pretend that life is easy or without suffering; but through our actions, we show our clients how to find happiness, usefulness, and peace of mind no matter how far down they have gone.

One-on-one and all together, we help our clients find a new camaraderie. They build friendships and bonds, literally, for life. These friends are their lifeline because they keep one another connected to a new way of being without alcohol or drugs. They begin to trust people who won’t sell them out, won’t buy into their smallness and won’t accept anything less than the daily expression of their true and perfect self.

These bonds and friendships work in many powerful ways. Our clients get to see themselves for the first time through others. Their actions are mirrored in one another and reflected in unflinching detail. 

It is here that they finally recognize some hard truths about themselves. They will begin to lean on the community they are building to squarely lay these old ways to rest. 

It is critical that the client “find their Saturday Night”, a more exciting way to live than before.

We put on all kinds of events for the entire recovery community. There are so many fun things to experience without drugs and alcohol – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Camp Outs, Live Music, Late Night Fires, Game Nights, Easter Egg Hunts, Fourth of July Fireworks, Pool Parties, White Water Rafting, and much more!!
Lots of live music and lots of fun. Ultimately, the success of recovery depends on our clients seeing the possibility that they can be happier not using, than using.

We do recover, there is a solution.

The antidote to addiction is connection.

“It is a disease of isolation”. 

“It is our inability to form lasting relationships that is at the core of our issue.”

The Rivendell Recovery model has been forged from the experience, strength, and hope of many great people who have gone before us in recovery. Our Director and founder, Hugh McGee, got into recovery when he was only 19 years old (over 50 years ago). He had the privilege of spending many hours discussing, planning and implementing concepts that would improve the possibility of recovery. 

  • 90 day Inpatient
  • 60 day Transition
  • 1 year Total Program
  • Micro Recovery – 10 clients or less
  • Finding Saturday Night
  • Build Recovery Network
  • Peer Pressure Model
  • Non-Medical
  • 12-Step Based
  • Hard Head Friendly
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