Activities For Residents at Rivendell Life Center

        It is critical that the client find their Saturday Night, a more exciting way to live than before. We put on all sorts of events for the addict and alcoholic. From Halloween to Thanksgiving, to Easter Egg Hunts, White Water Rafting to Live Music and Camp Outs, there are so many things to do.
        Lots of live music and lots of fun. Ultimately, the treatment of the client depends on them seeing the possibility that they can be happier not using, than using.


Make Exercise Fun

Swimming, playing volleyball, playing golf in the front yard, building events and stages. Chopping wood for the fires, cleaning the property, and going on a walk with the dogs. There is always lots to do and it's all part of treatment.


Lots of Opportunities to Express Yourself

From cooking to sharing in meetings, the alcoholic / Addict has many ways to share their unique gifts or even to develop some new ones. 

Rest and Rejuvenate

Time to Rest and Rejuvenate

Peace and quiet abound on the property. There is space, beautiful space for the addict / alcoholic to meditate or just relax and be in the moment.