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Rivendell's One Year Transitional Program for Recovery from Alcohol and Addiction.

Addicts and alcoholics come to Rivendell with storms surrounding them and storms inside them. This is where the patterns shift and the storms begin to clear. At Rivendell, addicts and alcoholics are sheltered as they rest, re-evaluate and re-energize. Here they experience acceptance, understanding, laughter and perspective—maybe for the first time in their turbulent lives.

The old saying it takes one to know one, really applies. All of the individuals that work here are in long term recovery themselves and live here as well. Because we’ve been there, it’s easier for the addict to relate to and accept the news we are delivering.

The nine Elements to Maximize the Success of Long Term Recovery

Micro Rehab:

We have no more than 10 clients at a time, however, we create an environment where it is impossible to hide out. “Addicts have a disease of isolation. It is their inability to form lasting relationships that is the core of their issues.”

90 days inpatient:

We really get to know our clients. Some of us live here as well, we don’t go home at the end of the day. This allows us to connect on a deeper level and recognize their rackets. 

60 day transition:

80% of people will use within 14 days of leaving a typical program. We help our clients find work and a safe, sober place to live with other recovering people. We DO NOT recommend they go back to the problems, places, and friends that exacerbated the issue in the first place. 

1 YEAR program:

Step every 30 days. Our clients stay connected to their network by coming back twice a week until we celebrate their one year anniversary. We dig into the issue’s “underlying causes and conditions”. It is not the problem, but the symptom of the problem. We have to get to the core of the issues and the steps do that. They work a step a month in writing with staff members in the house. 

Addicts helping addicts:

“There is nothing like the therapeutic value of one addict helping another”.  

We share our experience, strength, and hope with our clients. They relate and listen. 

Peer pressure:

The second most powerful force on the planet is peer pressure, the first is a higher power. Positive reinforcement from recovering peers who are committed to seeing that each client gets their year clean really works.

Finding Saturday night:

“The alcoholic/addict is still in trouble unless they see the possibility that they can be happier sober than using and until that happens their recovery will be precarious at best.”

We show them by our actions in the Rivendell environment that living is just beginning for them, not ending. If their program and spiritual condition are right, they will “recoil at the thought of using”. 

12 step fellowship:

Sponsorship requirement. At the core of our issues is the inability to form lasting relationships. The sponsor begins teaching them trust and sharing their heart. Rivendell’s success is directly proportionate to its ability to inculcate its clients into the 12 step fellowships. To date, there is no other “modality” even worth mentioning for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. 


We don’t believe that you should use drugs to treat drug addiction. 

Invest in the Best Year of Your Life!

Other possible elements for recovery:

There are other elements that can improve the possibility of the client getting and staying clean, but many of them may be cost prohibitive. If a client can afford them they can be added to our protocol. Vitamin therapies, psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists all can improve the client’s possibility of recovery. 

When you share your heart intimately good things happen. 

Rivendell creates an affordable solution to maximize long term recovery.

Rivendell's THREE PHASE Recovery Program

Phase ONE

The first 90 days are live-in and the client is never alone, lots of one on one time. They will attend groups and two 12 step meetings a day. They work the steps in writing with us, getting to the core of their issue.

Phase TWO

The next 60 days are transitional. The client works part-time and lives outside of Rivendell in a safe sober environment with like minded individuals in long term recovery. They return a minimum of three times a week and are given a transition plan. The transition period and plan can change to accommodate each individual’s highest good.


The next 7 months the client returns to Rivendell on a regular basis to continue step work, attend house meetings, and help the newer members. We follow them in their recovery closely. Our work is considered done when we celebrate their first-year anniversary. After their anniversary they are not just considered alumni, we consider them family and welcome them back any time.

Invest in the Best Year of Your Life!

• One-time, upfront fee for a WHOLE year of transformation.
• Cash? Check? Money order? Always welcome. 
• If you prefer credit cards,  we’ve got you! Visa, Discover, MasterCard – this works best for many of our clients. Look for opportunities for no or low-interest cards if you qualify. We do charge 2.4% for credit cards. 
• Insurance, Medicaid, Medicare? Due to the extended care of Rivendell, beyond the 90 days inpatient, we don’t accept insurance for our year-long program. 

Rivendell creates an affordable solution to maximize long term recovery.

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