The Rivendell Life Center Difference

How our Recovery Center is Different

We do more than just tell addicts how to live a chemical-free life. We show them how we manage to stay sober and clean in good times and in bad. We can do that because we are in recovery ourselves. Some of us live here 24/7 which means addicts get to see first-hand that this program works in “the real world.”

The message is clear. Life is far from over, it’s just beginning. We don’t escape from life, we embrace all of it: betrayals, victories, dashed hopes and unexpected miracles. And through it all, we even manage to have fun, to find Saturday Night and laugh like never before.

Addicts survive on instinct and are least likely to “take your word for it.” For this group, actions shout louder than words. We don’t pretend that life is easy or without suffering. But through our actions, we show them how to find happiness, usefulness and peace of mind no matter how far down they have gone.

One-on-one and all together, we help them find a new camaraderie. They make friends, literally, for life. These friends are their lifeline because they keep one another connected to a new way of being without alcohol or drugs. For probably the first time in their lives, addicts begin to trust people who won’t sell them out, won’t buy into their smallness and won’t accept anything less than the daily expression of their true and perfect self.

This kind of authentic fellowship works because the only power greater than peer pressure is probably HP alone. At Rivendell, peer pressure functions like a mirror to accurately reflect the addicts to themselves in unflinching detail. Through others who are just like them in all the ways that matter, the addicts really see themselves for the first time. They find their reflection hard to look at but the community steps in with the extra courage needed to squarely lay their old ways to rest. From here, it’s a new day and a second chance to discover their long buried gifts, dreams and hopes.