Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services We Offer

What Does Rivendell Offer?

We offer shelter from the storm. Addicts come to Rivendell with storms surrounding them and storms inside them too. But this is where the patterns shift and the storms begin to clear. At Rivendell, addicts are sheltered as they rest, re-evaluate and re-energize. Here they experience acceptance, understanding, laughter and perspective—maybe for the first time in their turbulent lives.

The old saying it takes one to know one, really applies. Because we’ve been there, it’s easier for them to relate and accept the news we are delivering. It is harder for them to get over on us to. The holidays are magic. Joy and Service are the order for the day! Rivendell is the place where we empower them to claim their birthright... to be happy, joyous and free.

Program Outline

  • The first 90 days are live-in and the addict is never alone (min 30 days). One to two meetings a day. Lots of one on one.
  • The next 60 days are transitional. The next 60 days are transitional. The addict works part-time and lives in a safe sober living outside the home but returns a minimum of one weekday and a weekend day for time here. The transition period can change to accommodate the needs of each person.
  • After the initial 5-month period, members return to Rivendell on weekends and visit as often as possible during the week to help newcomers. Leading others to follow in their footsteps is the final step toward achieving long-term recovery. Our work is done when we celebrate their first-year anniversary with them. Because we are a small community, we are readily able to adapt to achieve the highest good for each person.
A bonfire at a drug treatment facility in Winchester, VA